Silverback HTI .50 BMG Rifle Builder (Pull Bolt)
***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE-ORDER - EXPECTED TO ARRIVE Mid-June  2020***By placing an order for a Pre-Ordered SRS or HTI you agree that any cancellation will result in 20% of the order being retained. 
Due to the sheer amount of enquiries, we will not be responding to queries asking for an update on the Silverback shipment, this will be updated via the Longbow Facebook Page.The long awaited Silverback HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) is finally available for pre-order and is available in the 0.50 BMG flavour.......... would you want anything else?The HTI is the bigger brother to ths SRS and has the following features;720mm inner barrel in a 6.05mm idThe standard hop is adjusted the same as the standard SRS hop (via 2 x 1.5mm Allen keys),SRS Fast Hop Compatible71cc's of air volume in the piston38rd magazine (and this is one chunky magazine!)Weighing in at around 6kgsElite Iron licensed Suppressor compatible (just like the real steel)8mm conversion kit maybe available later.....Please note we are awaiting confirmation on the stock spring strength that comes with the rifle and will update as soon as its available.

Silverback HTI .50 BMG Rifle Builder (Pull Bolt)

Elite Iron Suppressor