This item is due in mid-July 2019 - this is a pre-order due to popular demand. Orders will be posted the day these items arrive.

What’s new with the 2018 model:
Piston: heavier than the previous one (54g instead of 40g), piston end is a bit different for smoother locking on the sear
Piston head: head is now a silent cup type.
Hop up: new rubber, flat type design, better seal and easier to lift heavy bb’s (also compatible with the optional fast hop-up).
Magazine: SRS are now coming with the black magazine (long flexible follower included)
Trigger box/safety: design of the safety has been modified, safety buttons are now encased in the safety plate.
Pull bolt buttplate extension: better fit with the spring guide, reducing vibrations.
BB tube: there is no O-Ring anymore in the bb tube, SRS will lose 4 bbs when you remove your empty mag, unless you are using a long magazine follower.
Nylon side rails design is different & closer to the original.

Only over 18's will be able to purchase and with a valid VCRA defense (UKARA for example)

Silverback SRS 20" Sportline Rifle - FDE - Pull Bolt