• Jason Ferguson

How to Install your new SCG rifle wrap

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

So your new SCG rifle wrap has arrived and you're thinking "OK so how do I get this on my rifle?"

This step by step guide will show you how its done

Please note this guide applies to all the rifle wrap kits Longbow BB Ltd sell.

First off - this is what is included in the rifle wrap kit.

Note: Make sure your rifle has been zeroed in First!

In this order, slide the elastic cord through

  1. The adjustable retention clip

  2. The plastic sleeve

  3. And finally into the plastic cap

Slide the Plastic Cap into the plastic sleeve to secure the cord in place.

Lay the long part of the rifle wrap over the barrel.

The wrap may be wider than the rifle barrel

which is fine, just overlap it.

Loop the cord around the front of the barrel as shown in the picture.

This will keep the wrap in place whilst you attach it to the rifle.

Note: pull the cord tight to keep the tension around the end of the barrel

Start to thread the cord through the stitched loops on the bottom of the rifle wrap.

Work your way down the rifle whilst keeping tension on the cord to ensure the wrap is kept snug to the rifle.

You will notice the rifle wrap starts to take its shape the further down the rifle you get.

If the wrap is longer than the barrel then simply fold it under itself.

Now lay the scope wrap on top of your scope.

Note: I am using the new SCP 1824i Short dot sight - this is available from the Longbow online store

Loop the cord around the first loop on the scope wrap and continue to cross this through to the loops on the other side of the scope wrap. This will form a "crisscross" pattern.

I prefer to run the cord underneath the scope but you can run the cord over the top of the scope if you wish.

If you wish, you can use the remaining plastic adjustable retention clip, plastic sleeve and cap to secure the cord and finish the wrap installation.

Personally I prefer to run the cord back up to the front of the rifle ensuring the cord is under tension.

  • Once the cord has been threaded to the front of the rifle,

  • pull it through the existing plastic adjustable retention clip,

  • cut off the excess,

  • thread through the plastic sleeve and cap to secure the cord and finish the wrap installation.

Useful Tips

  • Try to disguise the shape of the scope from the front. Perfect Circles are not a naturally forming shape and can be a giveaway.

  • Make sure you leave enough flex in the scope wrap so you can easily adjust the zoom and illumination level.

  • Make sure you can see clearly through the scope and none of the rifle wrap obscures the view.

And finally........

Make sure your scope was zeroed in first!

Thanks for reading, more "How to" guides will be posted soon.